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100 percent proof of card issuance and card holder receipt

ROI in direct relation to the number of cards in circulation

Quick and 24/7 availability for card collection

Cetwin kiosk solutions add value throughout the card delivery value chain

Kiosk solutions introduction


The SCD kiosk concept is used for personalized cards that have an associated high value, whereby the right card must reach the right card holder, at all times.

More than 16 million national ID cards have been dispensed through the well-proven Cetwin SCD-series in the state of Kuwait since 1995.

The Cetwin SCD-series challenges traditional practices of card deliveries to card holders, including postal and courier deliveries that do have inherent weaknesses such as high cost, slow delivery speed and inability to achieve 100 percent delivery precision.

Implementation of Cetwin’s innovative SCD self-service concept, in contrast to the above-mentioned traditional means of distribution, does result in significant ROI over time. ROI is easily measured and depends on main parameters such as the number of cards in circulation and cost of delivering these to card holders.

Apart from cost reduction and enhanced security, the self-service concept increases service levels towards card holders due to quicker and convenient (24/7) card collection possibilities.

There are further non-tangible benefits associated with adoption of the SCD concept, whereby implementation adds value to the corporate brand in the areas of environmental concern and innovative profile. For further details, please contact Cetwin’s sales department.

In addition to high value, personalized, card dispensing solutions, that’s accomplished by SCD 1000 and SCD 5000, Cetwin offers kiosk solutions for instant card issuing (Card Express series) and issuing of high value personal documents (Certificate series). For further details, please contact Cetwin’s sales department.

Cetwin also offers heavy-duty production machines for ID-cards (Card Laminator series) that are based on a laminate structure where the key security feature is the security (banknote) paper being used. Production lines are normally also equipped with card verification equipment that verifies card data (CPE-series). For further details, please contact Cetwin’s sales department.

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