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100 percent proof of card issuance and card holder receipt

ROI in direct relation to the number of cards in circulation

Quick and 24/7 availability for card collection

Cetwin kiosk solutions add value throughout the card delivery value chain

Cetwin Card Express series


Self-service automation of instant card issuing improves operational efficiency, whereby administrative levels are reduced and focus concentrated to high value core areas.

The Card Express series is the latest addition to Cetwin’s innovative kiosk portfolio, providing instant issuing of high value plastic ISO cards. In comparison to the SCD machines, which require pre-personalized cards, Cetwin Card Express personalizes these inside the machine.

Instant card issuing on a self-service basis reduces manual handling and can be applied as complementary service level enhancement for certain card holder categories. Cetwin Card Express can be equipped with any preferred ID card printer brand, e.g. Fargo.

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