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100 percent proof of card issuance and card holder receipt

ROI in direct relation to the number of cards in circulation

Quick and 24/7 availability for card collection

Cetwin kiosk solutions add value throughout the card delivery value chain

Innovation philosophy


"Increasing the number of real value functions, parallel to minimizing the number of parts, considering benefits throughout the entire value chain – well, that’s the challenge."
- T. Wincent

Innovation in Cetwin terminology is synonymous to maximizing functionality parallel to reducing the number of parts in all designs, resulting in solutions with high performance-to-cost ratio.

A strive towards intelligent simplicity has positive effect on reliability and environmental concern since this is equivalent to material and component minimization. A holistic and benefit oriented approach provides additional important guide lines, from idea to concept to final solution.

T. Wincent, Founder of Cetwin AB

In brief, Cetwin operates on the innovative level, creating its markets and applications, where pioneering solutions add considerable and measurable value to the concerned business processes.

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