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100 percent proof of card issuance and card holder receipt

ROI in direct relation to the number of cards in circulation

Quick and 24/7 availability for card collection

Cetwin kiosk solutions add value throughout the card delivery value chain

Public sectors


Implementation of Cetwin card dispensing kiosks follows a structured step-by-step process that involves close communication between Cetwin and clients.

Cetwin supplies kiosk solutions to state related institutions and departments. Deliveries include both card dispensing/issuing kiosks for high value cards and complementary kiosks for value documents.

Implementation of Cetwin self-service solutions is a step-by-step process. Projects start with a feasibility study where existing distribution methods are compared with Cetwin alternatives. Card dispensing kiosks do not necessarily replace all existing processes and may complement existing practices.

Once ROI (Return On Investment) parameters are defined, measured, and a formal decision taken to move forward with a chosen Cetwin concept, the next phase concerns customization of a machine to be deployed in a pilot installation. Technical integration workshops are performed at Cetwin headquarters or customer locations. At this stage, Cetwin hardware and software teams discuss specification closely with customers.

Following proof of concept at the pilot installation, with or without complementary adjustments based on the outcome, the next step concerns roll-out. Depending on roll-out quantity, a roll-out can be made gradually; starting with strategic locations where after complete roll-out takes place.

It will be noted that Cetwin delivers customized hardware and software on an API (Application Programming Interface) level. Applications are programmed by clients or their external co-operation partners.

Infrastructure system considerations

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Industry/application SCD 5000 SCD 1000 Card Express Certificate Kiosk Card production¹
e.g. self-service card collection applications at bank branch offices
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e.g. ID card collection applications, either centralized or decentralized collection points
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Other high value cards
e.g. self-service card collection of driver licenses, student cards
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¹ Card Laminator and CPE-series

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