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100 percent proof of card issuance and card holder receipt

ROI in direct relation to the number of cards in circulation

Quick and 24/7 availability for card collection

Cetwin kiosk solutions add value throughout the card delivery value chain

Vision / Mission / Values


A ladder with direction to a sky without limits symbolizes Cetwin’s continuous strive towards improvement of end-user applications and processes.

Cetwin’s vision, mission and values establish the foundation of the company, from which the company and its employees operate on a daily basis and which is aligned with the long-term ambitions.

Vision SCD-series

Cetwin‘s vision is to make its card dispensing solutions an integral part of modern self-service banking worldwide.
The statement also applies for ID card and other high value card industries with the following characteristics:

  • High security levels are crucial and all cards must reach the right card holder at all times.
  • It's difficult to reach card holders, due to e.g. infra-structure limitations, high person mobility, etc.
  • There is a large cost mass associated with card deliveries.

Mission SCD-series

Cetwin offers secure self-service card dispensing solutions for the global banking, ID card and associated industries, where cards are personalized with high inherent value, whereby the right card must reach the right card holder, at all times.

Generic corporate values

Cetwin always focuses on and practices a win-win philosophy that results in well-defined benefits, throughout the entire value chain.

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