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Ticketing solutions introduction


Ticket encoder/printer development at Cetwin always starts with the objective to perform well in unattended and tough self-service environments. This design approach automatically generates benefits in the area of reliability and facilitates integration with minimal space requirement, either on desks or in kiosks.

The Cetwin TEP-series is a multi-functional ticket encoder/printer that’s designed to facilitate smooth migration between data carrier technologies, e.g. from barcode- or magstripe towards RFID-based ticketing, through an inherent capacity to manage all these technologies in the same machine.

Cetwin offers heavy-duty ticket encoders/printers for well-defined mass-transit and access control applications. The TEP-series has simultaneous capability to manage plastic and thermal paper based cards in the same machine, parallel to barcode-, magstripe- and RFID encoding capability.

Parts of the Cetwin TEP-series family, including standard configurations of Cetwin TEP 5000 (OEM version with retract module), TEP 5000 desktop, TEP 4000 desktop and TEP 3000 desktop (left to right).

The TEP-series is reliable, robust and compact in size, tailored for demanding and space conscious OEM (kiosk) and desktop environments. The Cetwin TEP-series is constructed for heavy-duty OEM applications and proves to be extremely reliable for desktop applications.

Cetwin ticket encoders/printers manage 54 mm wide tickets or cards, which corresponds to the most popular ticket or card width globally. Cetwin holds a conservative view on tickets, meaning that tickets should be physical, especially when tickets have high value. Ticket thickness should be at least 0.25 mm, thereby increasing durability and facilitating multi-use.

Ticket material

Cetwin ticket encoder/printers can be configured for roll-, fanfold or single tickets. Ticket separation is performed through cut or burst action, using optical black mark or gap sensors.

Cetwin applies a holistic view on ticketing, including ticket media that has strong influence on output performance and service life of the TEP encoders/printers. Please contact Cetwin's sales team for recommended ticket media converters. Contact link

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