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OEM reliability in desktop ticketing applications

Multi-functional & space conscious ticketing solutions

Compact, robust & reliable ticketing solutions

Advanced international team experience and know-how in ticketing

About Cetwin


Straightforward communication between primary corporate functions such as R&D, production, marketing/sales and after sales support generates pronounced competitive advantage that benefits customers.

Cetwin AB operates on the innovative level of business, constantly striving towards and discovering innovative and unique technical approaches to improve efficiency in end-user applications.

Cetwin AB is an innovation oriented company, specialized in developing, manufacturing, marketing and supporting:

  • a competitive range of heavy-duty ticket encoders/printers under the Cetwin TEP-series brand and
  • an innovative portfolio of card solutions that include card dispensing kiosks, for high value plastic (ISO) cards and related equipment such as card production machinery.

Cetwin solutions have clearly defined end-user values, with emphasis on reliable function and improved efficiency.

Cetwin headquarters are located at Infra City Business district in Upplands Väsby north of Stockholm, 15 km from Arlanda airport and 25 km from central Stockholm.

Core activities are concentrated under one roof, resulting in synergies that include efficient and non-complex management decisions routes.
Another immediate advantage is quick response time on market input that should be implemented in for example product customizations.

Cetwin AB has sales to more than 15 countries in the EMEA-region, with a route-to-market model that involves use of local partners. Cetwin partners do not only execute business but also closely support end-users and installations locally in addition to the central support provided by Cetwin.

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