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Compact, robust & reliable ticketing solutions

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Access control


Quality and environmental concern goes hand in hand at Cetwin, where Cetwin products are built to last, resulting in less impact on the environment.

In any given TEP installation, either concerning new implementation or upgrades, i.e. where the TEP-series replace other brands, Cetwin provides qualified on-site integration support.

Cetwin values close relationships with partners, system integrators and corporate end-users, with a central objective to simplify roll-outs. Cetwin’s software and technical support team is by our own definition an integral part of customers' IT departments.

Cetwin TEP 5000 desktop, standard configuration for fanfold ticket media stock. Displayed accessories include ticket media input guide and ticket magazine (floor model with 2000 cards capacity).

The Cetwin team has a wealth of qualified international experience related to access control. Applications include pay toll-roads, indoor and outdoor parking, corporate entrance and event ticketing. Please click on the product of interest for further information or contact Cetwin sales team. Contact link

Industry/application TEP 5000 TEP 4000 TEP 3000
Toll road
e.g. entrance/exit gates and toll booth ticketing
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e.g. ticketing for closed parking systems, indoor and outdoor ticket vending machines
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Corporate entrance
e.g. visitor access/badge systems
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Other entrance / admission
including tickets for stadiums, exhibition centers, leisure complexes, museums and more
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