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OEM reliability in desktop ticketing applications

Multi-functional & space conscious ticketing solutions

Compact, robust & reliable ticketing solutions

Advanced international team experience and know-how in ticketing

Historical background


Cetwin’s competitive ticket encoder/printer range is based on a non-paralleled combination of reliability, compactness and multi-functionality.

Cetwin AB was officially established in 1997, although the first activities date back to early 1990’s. The initial core direction consisted of offering qualified R&D services. Throughout the years, the Cetwin team has generated more than 20 patents.

During 1996, Cetwin received an award for the best infrastructure solution in the state of Kuwait. The award primarily refers to the SCD 5000 card dispensing kiosks that practically eliminated a large-scale card distribution problem. To date, these kiosks and newer versions thereof have dispensed more than 16 million civil ID cards to Kuwaiti citizens and the immigrant workforce.

The picture on the left shows the original SCD version (1995) being used at the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) in Kuwait. The picture on the right is from the PACI smart card opening ceremony on June 29, 2009.

Cetwin AB was the former holding company of Swecoin AB, in which the distinguished TTPM-ticket printer series was developed. Key personnel that were active in Swecoin are active in Cetwin, covering senior management, R&D, marketing/sales, service and technical support functions.

A gradual transition from technology- towards market orientation has increasingly taken place and Cetwin is today well positioned for continued international growth, standing on a solid competence platform.

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