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Cetwin provides qualified support throughout the entire value-chain, from recommendations based on individual pre-requisites to installation and support.

The Cetwin TEP-series is completely aligned with two major trends in public transportation, namely a gradual migration from magstripe towards RFID-based ticketing and self-service ticketing.

Cetwin TEP-series includes three base models that are available in OEM and desktop versions, with a number of hardware options available, that facilitate mechanical integration further.

Customized TEP 5000

Cetwin TEP 5000 OEM, with card hopper and retract mechanism options. The configuration is installed in ticket vending kiosks that issue RFID tickets for regional and inter-regional public transportation.

Cetwin ticket encoder/printers are used for ticketing by passenger ferries, national or regional trains as well as metro and buses on a local dimension. Please click on the product of interest for further information or contact Cetwin's sales team. Contact link

Industry/application TEP 5000 TEP 4000 TEP 3000
e.g. ferry ticketing applications
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Rail bound travel RAIL BOUND TRAVEL
e.g. heavy and light rail ticketing
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Road bound travel ROAD BOUND TRAVEL
e.g. bus ticketing, taxi vouchers and more
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