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OEM reliability in desktop ticketing applications

Multi-functional & space conscious ticketing solutions

Compact, robust & reliable ticketing solutions

Advanced international team experience and know-how in ticketing

Vertical segments introduction


Ticket encoder/printer projects have been deployed in close co-operation with leading system integrators or directly with corporate end-users. Re-enforced local support is often provided through local partners.

With Cetwin as partner, you will not only have access to competitive solutions that are designed to meet current and future industry needs, but also a provider with qualified experience that will ultimately generate measurable corporate end-user and end-user benefits.

The Cetwin team has been involved in a large number of prestigious and demanding applications from 1992 onwards, stretching from local to regional and national installations, by means of design, production, installation and support of customized direct thermal ticket encoders/printers.

Cetwin TEP 5000 desktop, standard configuration.

A number of common areas of implementation, with a focus to mass-transit and access control applications, are presented in this section.

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