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OEM reliability in desktop ticketing applications

Multi-functional & space conscious ticketing solutions

Compact, robust & reliable ticketing solutions

Advanced international team experience and know-how in ticketing

Vision / Mission / Values


A ladder with direction to a sky without limits symbolizes Cetwin’s continuous strive towards improvement of end-user applications and processes.

Cetwin’s vision, mission and values establish the foundation of the company, from which the company and its employees operate on a daily basis and which is aligned with the long-term ambitions.

Vision TEP-series

Cetwin is a natural and integral part of modern mass-transit and access control industry on a global scale, covering both OEM and desktop ticketing environments, with a core ambition to constantly improve end-user applications.

Mission TEP-series

Cetwin develops and markets a competitive range of ticket encoders/printers, capable of meeting current and future mass-transit and access control needs. Cetwin is positioned in the forefront of innovation, with solutions characterized by end-user value such as reliability, space consciousness and multi-functionality.

Cetwin is the natural partner when smooth and trouble-free ticketing technology migration is required, e.g. when upgrading systems from barcode or magstripe to RFID-based ticketing.

Generic corporate values

Cetwin always focuses on and practices a well-defined win-win philosophy that results in well-defined benefits, throughout the entire value chain.

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